Cam and Ellie Kennedy are world traveling entertainment stars, recently based out of Madison Wisconsin. Their performances are celebrations of great songwriters and are presentations of original songs, selected covers, and a sound filled with great voices, acoustic guitars, and multiple layers.

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Ellie, an American, and Cam, an Australian, travel the world making music. They have played places such as The Hub in Edinburgh,The Universal Forum of Cultures in Barcelona, and in countries all around the world including Australia, Scotland, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, England, Canada, and Mexico.

Ellie and Cam present a range of special programs. Both performers are educators and possess higher education degrees, Ellie being a Graduate in Music Theater. These presentations/workshops come with an educational component if so desired, and speak of music history, influence, and of the featured artists themselves.

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What makes their performances special?

Ellie has a huge heart and a beautiful voice, and adds her soul to songs of love and remembrance. Listeners are treated to compositions they love, interpreted through her voice like they were written and sung just for them. Many have fallen in love with her voice and powerful presence.

Cam lends his gentle and hypnotic voice to compositions and covers like a true master, and is a virtuoso acoustic guitar player, combining fingerstyle, jazz, and rhythmic stylings. Cam and Ellie are sound on sound performers, meaning that they use recording equipment to build audio soundscapes live.

Together, they create an experience that transports the listener.

Here in the Midwest, our most recent performance garnered rave reviews.

“First up was Cam and Ellie, who provided some great tunes for our event. Much to the executive director’s surprise and delight, the band got our staff members up and dancing!”

Brighter Tanzania Fund

“You Guys were awesome!”

Mother Fools Coffee house

“You guys are obviously very talented, lets have you back.”

Crossroads Coffee, Cross Plains

“We’ve had some of the best musicians in the world here, and I think I have had the most fun with you guys”

Sally Ring, Tri-Unity Wellife Associates LLC


One comment

  1. Milli Tallard · October 31, 2016

    Ellie and Cam… I am confirming our date this Friday Nov 4 at 6:30pm at Pheasant Branch senior apts in Middleton. for some reason I do not have your phone number. please call 836-5905 to confirm same.
    Milli Resident manager


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